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About The Company

"Everyone deserves equal access to the civil justice system"

In 1974, Mike and Karen McDivitt started what eventually became McDivitt Law Firm. The firm is rooted in the principle that each person deserves to have equal access to the civil justice system. The McDivitts firmly believe that everyone should be able to have an attorney, whether you can afford one or not. Mike made it clear from the start that he doesn’t get a fee unless he is able to get you the money you deserve for your injuries.

In 2007, Karen and Mike’s son David joined the firm as the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. A nationally recognized trial lawyer, David now runs the firm’s litigation and trial group, where he is responsible for both trying and supervising jury trials through verdict.

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Nationally recognized trial lawyers

First-class legal representation

Mike Mcdivitt
Founder/ CEO / Attorney
Karen McDivitt - Co-Founder McDivitt Law Firm
David McDivitt
Affordable to Anyone

First-class legal representation

McDivitt and client

For several decades the McDivitt Law Firm has been dedicated to serving the people of Colorado as one of the top-most Personal Injury law firms. The firm takes pride in being a family-owned business and currently has over 60 staff and attorneys who all possess a wealth of experience and knowledge.

They strive to provide first-class legal representation to each of their clients with an assurance that it is affordable to anyone.

McDivitt Law Firm’s unwavering commitment to justice and passion for helping injured victims get the compensation they deserve has significantly impacted people’s lives. Discover more about what drives the firm’s success and philosophy from its core values.

Unwavering Commitment

What to Expect With McDivitt

Every case we take is different, but one thing remains constant: what our clients can expect from our firm. The firm provides 24/7 availability for free consultations, ensuring that clients receive compensation.

Once you become a McDivitt client, a dedicated legal team is immediately assigned to your case, including a supervising attorney, a case manager, and a department director.

The firm’s services span from the initial treatment phase to court trials, ensuring all necessary documentation, negotiation, and trial preparation is handled professionally, only receiving payment once the client’s settlement is secured.

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We Don't Get Paid Until You Do!

At McDivitt Law Firm, justice isn’t a luxury, it’s a right! We believe that everyone should have access to legal assistance, regardless of their financial situation. That’s why we operate on a contingency fee basis – meaning you only pay us when we win your case. We advance all necessary expenses and only take a set percentage from your compensation. So you don’t need to worry about hourly fees or upfront costs. Whether your case settles or goes to trial, we’re with you every step of the way.
Community Support

McDivitt Makes A Difference

McDivitt Law Firm Team and The Right Step with Large Check
In 2007, Karen and Mike McDivitt initiated McDivitt Makes a Difference, the community-outreach wing of their law firm, focusing on safety and education. Every year, the firm expands its community support, with each team member contributing personally, be it through Habitat for Humanity home-building or fundraising for organizations like the American Heart Association. As proud Colorado residents, we are committed to serving our community in and out of work.
Always Prepared

Trial Academy

The McDivitt Trial Academy, established in 2019, provides our attorneys an opportunity to refine their legal strategy through realistic trial simulations. It’s the only full-scale mock courtroom in Colorado, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and custom-built furniture replicating an authentic courtroom setting. The facility’s advanced audio-visual equipment allows trials to be recorded, analyzed, and critiqued in real-time and later. Besides internal use, the Academy has engaged with local mock trial student organizations, fostering a community presence.
McDivitt Trial Academy

What Our Clients Say About Us

McDivitt Law puts the clients first, these testimonials reinforce our dedication to client service, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes.
Advancing Your Career


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Working at McDivitt is more than just a job or practicing law; it’s about making a real impact in people’s lives. Our team fights daily for fair settlements, enabling clients to pay their mortgages, return to work, and secure necessary medical care. We help clients regain their independence and adapt to life post-injury, from facilitating necessary surgeries to providing mobility devices or home modifications. At McDivitt, we’re about changing lives for the better.

In The News

McDivitt Law Firm has recently been highlighted in the news for its outstanding commitment to client advocacy and community outreach.

Renowned for its robust legal representation and dedication to securing fair settlements for clients, the firm has become a prominent figure in the legal landscape.

Its unique initiatives like the McDivitt Makes a Difference program and the state-of-the-art Trial Academy have also garnered significant media attention. The firm’s continued impact on individual lives and the broader community reaffirms its position as a leading legal entity in Colorado.

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