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Why you do not need money to hire McDivitt Law Firm

Contingency Fee Basis

McDivitt Law Firm only charges its clients on a contingency fee basis. This means that if we don’t collect any money for you, you will not have to pay any fee at all! In addition, McDivitt Law Firm will advance and pay any expenses necessary to handle your case – even through a jury trial, if necessary. You will not have to reimburse the expenses or costs that we advance for you until we get money for you.

The reason McDivitt Law Firm charges its clients only on this “contingency fee” basis is that we believe it’s only fair that we should not be paid until we get money for you. As Mike McDivitt says, “It has always been my personal belief that access to legal assistance is a right that should be provided to everyone.”

A contingency fee basis means that you only owe McDivitt Law Firm when we get money for you, and you only owe us a set percentage of what you’re paid. You do not owe McDivitt Law Firm for every hour we spend on your case, and you do not need to have money to hire us. The contingency fee basis, therefore, means that everybody has the opportunity to hire McDivitt Law Firm to get just compensation for their injuries, regardless if they can afford it.

For further information about contingency payments and if this may apply to your situation, contact McDivitt Law Firm by calling toll free 877-960-3242 to request your free consultation.

Remember, you only owe us a fee when we collect money for you.