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Colorado's Only State-of-the-Art Mock Courtroom

McDivitt Trial Academy

The Trial Academy is about providing our attorneys the opportunity to analyze and vet all facets of their cases before they reach a trial or deposition. The ability to refine arguments and oratory skills, to practice cross-examination with a witness, and to receive direct feedback from a jury is an invaluable educational resource for our staff. Younger attorneys in the beginning of their careers, as well as seasoned litigators, can identify the strengths and weaknesses of their legal strategy.

Commissioned in 2019, the McDivitt Trial Academy is the only to-scale mock court room in Colorado. Featuring state-of-the-art equipment and a real-life courtroom setting, the Trial Academy serves as a preparation setting to adequately equip attorneys, clients, and witnesses to succeed in trial.

The Trial Academy features custom-built furniture, including a jury box, judge’s stand, and deliberation room, aiming to create a to-scale simulation of an authentic Colorado courtroom. The courtroom also boasts audio and visual equipment, such as HD recording cameras and omnidirectional microphones, allowing for trials to be reviewed, assessed, and critiqued in real-time, as well as on later dates.

Since the summer of 2022, McDivitt attorneys have used the Trial Academy to conduct mock trials at full occupancy. In addition to our internal use of the Trial Academy, we look to incorporate a community presence and be involved with local mock trial student organizations throughout the academic school year.