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Karen McDivitt: All the other core values come together with professionalism.

Cindy Sabbagh:  Professionalism means keeping your word, returning the phone call in a timely manner, meeting with the client when they walk through the door with a question, treating your co-workers again with dignity and respect.

Darci Burbach:  So I think just how we carry ourselves, how we do our work, and that shows them how it translates to when people are dealing with clients.

Cindy Sabbagh:  It sort of encompasses — it’s funny.  It’s not something you think about every day, but as you walk through the office, it’s something that you see and you feel each and every day.

Karen McDivitt:  The professionalism goes — goes beyond that in that it — it shows you want to do the best job that you can; you want to be organized.  I mean, professionalism means you — you don’t gossip about your clients, you keep their — their confidentiality.  Those kinds of things speak to what it means to be an attorney.

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