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The Client Experience


David McDivitt: When a client contacts us or a potential client contacts us, our main goal is to — to try to help them. Our default is we want to help you. Now, we can’t always help everybody who contacts us. Sometimes people contact us, and it’s — it’s not the area of law that we specialize in. But our default is let’s try to help you. What can we do to help you? And if we can’t, we — we try to find ways. We can give them suggestions of other things that they can do to help or other resources. But our primary goal is to help people.

And so that desire — and when we talk about our mission to level the playing field for our clients and to provide legendary legal representation for our clients, it permeates everything that we do. From the start of a case all the way to the finish. We — we attack every aspect of that case with the idea that — that we want to help you so what can we do to help you. And then we imbues that with the concept that we want to do it in such a way that you are walking away feeling that we’ve done everything we can to help you, and that we did it and that we cared about you. That they get from us a level of service that not only would they not expect to receive from another law firm, but that they might not expect to receive from anybody that they interact with.

Phil Young: One of the things that I like about Mike is no matter what day of the week, they were willing to go help people. I mean, it can be on Sunday, they could — someone could call and they would be there on Sunday. Someone could call us Saturday night. No time is the wrong time to help a client. That — that set the standard for me pretty quickly. Their time never really shuts down when clients always come first.

David McDivitt: We want to provide that level of service where they walk away saying not only did they do everything that they could to fight for me, to get a recovery for me, to protect my rights, to protect my interest, but they did it in a way that made me feel important and special, and that they — they clearly cared about me.

When we say McDivitt Law Firm, we’re there to provide legendary legal representation for our clients. It encompasses the entire experience of working with our clients. We want it to be an every-day occurrence where our clients, when they relate with our — with our team here, when they interact with our team, that every aspect of that relationship is imbues with the sense of integrity and empathy and dignity and respect, and it’s — and it manifests itself in the way that we handle the relationship with the clients, the way that we treat the clients, and that we truly make it an incredible part of their day when they are communicating, when they are interacting with McDivitt Law Firm.

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