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Lisa McDivitt Bush: I think I have a little bit of a unique perspective being their daughter, so I saw my parents create this firm truly from the ground up.  My dad had been a solo practitioner.  My mom, the business manager, the CFO, and all of the behind-the-scenes business part.  And as it grew, I grew up, I left Colorado, I was gone for 10 years, and while I was gone, it became something bigger than just the family name.  It stopped being McDivitt, the name, and became, I think, more of a mind-set.  And something — a true staple in the community and a place where they can help clients.  We’re here for the community and — and really, all of the team members that work here are part of — of a bigger family than just my personal family.

Phil Young: One of the things that impressed me early with Mike was that he did it to represent the people that couldn’t afford the justice that they deserved.  With firms all over the country, from east coast to west coast.  A lot of firms don’t do it that way.  They do it as a business and a way to make a dollar.  Mike does it because the clients come first. So I could have worked for lots of places in my consulting business, but I like Mike and David because they did it for the right reasons.  And then all the other things come next.

Karen McDivitt: Now that we’ve hired such amazing people and we’ve brought team leaders in with such great talent, these jobs are being done, I think, so much better than the way I did them.  I’m — I’m thrilled because I can see.  I can see that they — when we get together, they come with ideas, they come up with — with things that I hadn’t even thought of before that just makes us better and better, and that’s really exciting to me.

We’ve been able to expand our community outreach in great ways because we have great team members with a huge amount of passion and creativity that come to our meetings and they have all of these ideas and we are able to reach out more and raise more money for — for very valuable causes.  I can go on and on about this.  And now we have offices in Denver and Colorado Springs and Pueblo.  We’re all so connected because we have our own internal way of keeping everybody abreast of what’s going on within the firm and what we’re doing in our outreach.  So I just think we’re — we’re just so much better than we used to be.

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