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Passion and Dedication


David McDivitt: To me, passion is one of the critical core values because it — it also, I think, catches something else which I — I feel should be a core value which is a sense of urgency. Passion is that energy to go forward every day. It’s one thing to want to help people, but it’s another to have that energy to go forward and do that on a daily basis, and passion gets you there.

Cindy Sabbagh: Everyone on the team is passionate about what they do. They are not just here for a paycheck. They are excited. They want to be here, and they want to be doing exactly what they are doing, and that makes a world of difference.

Wanda Handford: Just meeting with them and looking into their eyes and talking to them and — and — you can — it’s almost like you can see into their heart, and you just — it just drives me to want to go above and beyond for that case, for that person because they really need us. It’s just like they are crying out, like, Help me. They are not saying it in so many words, but their heart is — their eyes and their heart is crying out to you. Like I need your help. I don’t know what to do. And it’s a driving force.

David McDivitt: When you have people who are on a team who live every day to provide service, to provide legendary legal representation and to make a difference in our clients’ lives, it imbues the entire firm with this wonderful energy and this wonderful atmosphere. And it’s that passion that motivates everybody on an individual basis to come to work and do the best job that they can from the minute they start to the minute that they sign off.

Karen McDivitt: If you don’t have a passion about being able to help these people, then the whole purpose of — of what we do is for not.

David McDivitt: It’s that — the joy that comes from helping people.

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