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Chris Alger: Integrity means a lot of different things, and I think in this context what we mean is adhering to our code of — of ethical and moral values. But here it also means implementing all of the other values that we take very seriously and on a regular basis and make them habitual, routine, unconscious.

Karen McDivitt: We want someone who will — who will be able to tell us the truth, who won’t lie to us, who won’t try to cheat us. It’s just important to know that your integrity as a client is respected.

Cindy Sabbagh: Integrity is one of our most important core values. I — I think integrity is sort of like a moral compass. It keeps you focused, it keeps you — again, it keeps you focused on what’s important. What’s important today and what’s important five years from now.

David McDivitt: Acting with integrity as just — frankly, is our baseline for dealing with the American civil justice system. But then you take that over to the way that we treat our clients and the way we treat our staff and it’s — it’s that same level of respect that we — we treat them with.

Karen McDivitt: Our idea is to try to get you what you deserve because you are a client. We value
your integrity, and if we have integrity as a firm, then just naturally follows that we’re going to try to give you the best that you deserve.

Cindy Sabbagh: There are a lot of lawyer jokes for a reason, and that’s one thing that you could never question is — is Mike’s integrity. Mike is a man of impeccable integrity and that trickles down throughout the firm.

David McDivitt: And we want to do everything that we can to never hide the ball on anything, to be forthcoming, and to treat each other with that same integrity and openness and honesty.

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