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McDivitt Attorneys Adapt and Succeed For Their Clients

The COVID-19 pandemic has rattled almost every business and there have been significant changes to how they operate. McDivitt Law Firm has been able to continue to fight for our clients and get them the money they deserve. Although most “in-person” interactions have been minimized, our attorneys and legal teams have been able to work in a virtual environment to keep our clients’ cases moving forward.

In a previous blog we explain how McDivitt has adapted to communicate and keep our cases progressing. We can offer virtual notarizations and stay in contact with all our clients through the tools and technology the firm has had in place for years. We can even sign new clients without them having to come into the office, via a smart phone or computer.

Recently, we have been able to celebrate legal wins and successes in this adapted virtual environment. Legal motions that have usually taken place in a physical setting have been adapted to virtual environments like Zoom or WebEx. This has allowed us to keep our cases moving forward and most importantly closing cases and winning money for our clients.

McDivitt Client Awarded $2.64 Million Over Zoom Arbitration

A McDivitt client was severely injured while participating in an obstacle mud run. Triathlons and physical fitness have always been an integral part of his life. During this particular mud run, our client’s hand landed on an angled piece of iron causing horrible injury and trauma. There were no medical personnel present at the scene, so our client had to wrap his bloody wound in a dirty t-shirt for forty-five minutes while waiting for the ambulance.

After eight surgeries our client’s hand does not have the same capability as before. He will likely not compete at the intensity level that he had prior.

Attorney Ed Lomena and the McDivitt legal team fought hard to get the money our client deserves for this tragic injury. After an arbitration hearing performed completely over Zoom, our client was awarded $2.64 million to pay for his medical bills, permanent impairment, disfigurement, pain and suffering.

Delivering Results and Keeping Cases Moving Forward For Injured Workers

Our Workers’ Compensation attorneys have been attending hearings over tele-conference software without disruption. Both Attorney Aaron Kennedy and Attorney Nicole Gallerini say that virtual hearings have been going as smoothly as traditional ‘in-person’ hearings.
Recently, Attorney Joel Kotler, had a victory at trial from a virtual setting. He was able to win the benefits sought for our client while attending trial from a conference room in our Denver office. The insurance company had denied our client’s claim, so Kotler virtually attended a hearing to argue that our client’s injuries were work-related. In conclusion of this hearing our legal team was able to get the insurance company to admit liability and pay our client their lost wages.

Attorney Ed Lomena Gives Oral Argument For Appeal Over WebEx

In another recent case, the court decided in favor for the defense and not our client, and the McDivitt legal team was not satisfied with the decision or the witness testimony involved. Attorney Ed Lomena thought the witness statement had some flaws and that it should not have been included in the trial and certainly not the definitive factor in the case.

To give our client another shot at justice, Attorney Ed Lomena performed an oral argument for appeal over WebEx, a virtual conference service like Zoom. The Court of Appeals concurred with Lomena’s argument and ordered a new trial with the exclusion of the flawed witness statement.

This new trial will give our client a fair shot at recovering the money they deserve for their injuries.

Click here to read more about this appeal case.

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