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Why it’s harmful to talk about your auto accident on Facebook

Being connected, by and large, is a good thing.  We enjoy the instant communication and the sharing of ideas and the daily events of our lives that we get through social media. But – be aware! Social media, particularly Facebook, has now become a rich source of information for defense attorneys and insurance companies.


Think before you post.

Whatever you write or post will probably fall into the hands of anyone working on your case, from your own attorneys to the insurance companies and their defense attorneys.

It is now standard practice for insurance companies to run computer searches and investigations to obtain information about your personal life. They can, and will obtain it without your knowledge and your permission. Increasingly, they will demand that you provide them with your account passwords.

They can also ask the court to order release of your password information and even your personal emails.

Keep details confidential.

It’s imperative that you do not write or disclose anything about your personal life that an attorney could use against you in front of a judge or jury, or use against you in your efforts to settle your claim.

Do not send e-mails regarding your injuries, your medical care, or anything else about your accident or case to anyone except your own attorney. Do not send texts regarding your case to anyone except your attorney. Do not participate in blogs, chat-rooms or message boards. Do not use any social media at all without talking to your attorney first.

Err on the side of caution.

To be really safe, don’t write about your accident or injuries in the first place. If you later delete information that you realize might hurt you, the court could consider this as deliberately destroying evidence.

Note: information is never truly deleted – even when you think it is. The Internet has a permanent memory!

In conclusion, our best advice is – do not use social media until your claim is settled and the check we provide you is cashed!  Also, make sure that your family and friends do not mention you or details of your accident or injuries in any of their postings.

For further information and guidance if you have been involved in an auto accident, contact one of the experienced Colorado injury accident lawyers at McDivitt Law Firm by calling toll free (877) 846-4878, or fill out a free consultation form here. The first consultation is free, and you won’t owe us anything until we collect money for you.

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