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Learn About McDivit's Annual High School Internship Program

High School Internship

Who can apply

The internship program is open to Junior/ Senior students in high school and college. An internship will be awarded to one high school student and one college student. The internship experience takes place in our 19 E. Cimarron Street, Colorado Springs location.

How to apply

Applications are accepted from May 1 until May 15 annually. If interested, please send a resume and detailed letter of interest to Lori Marin, Director of Training, at 19 E. Cimarron Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80909 by the deadline. Candidates may receive a telephone, and/or in-person, formal interview as part of the application process.

What the internship entails

Interns hit the ground running with thorough training on McDivitt Law Firm’s culture, roles, job duties and expectations. Then, they take part in the day-to-day operations of the firm, working side-by-side with paralegals, case managers, and lawyers.Each candidate will be encouraged to participate in the Colorado Springs Teen Court. Daily hours are from 9am to 3pm, Monday through Friday with an hour break for lunch. At the end of the internship period the successful candidates will be honored with a luncheon where they will present a short report on their learning experience in front of firm co-workers and family. Additionally, the individual(s) will receive a Letter of Recommendation from Michael W. McDivitt, Esq.