Safe Ride Home? It’s On McDivitt.

Free Cab Rides on New Year's Eve

Since 2007, McDivitt Law Firm has provided free cab rides home to residents in Colorado Springs and Pueblo to help keep the roads safe for everyone in our communities.

McDivitt Law Firm has paid for more than 20,000 safe rides home since 2007

The way it works is simple – if you or someone you know has had too much to drink on New Year’s Eve, do not get behind the wheel of a car. Call City Cab in Pueblo at 719-543-2525 or if you’re in Colorado Springs, call zTrip (formerly Yellow Cab) at 719-766-4567, or use the zTrip app to order a ride. If you use the zTrip app, make sure you mark “Pay in Car” at the time of booking. When you get in the cab, just tell your driver, “It’s on McDivitt.” Please note, these rides are only available between the drinking establishment and the customer’s home, not to another bar or restaurant.

Due to the high demand of cab rides, rides cannot be guaranteed to everyone, although every attempt will be made to fulfill all requests. Please don’t forget to tip your driver!

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