Colorado Workers' Compensation Client Stories

“I knew nothing about lawyers, etc. until coming here. I’m glad I did. I’m glad my attorney was repping me. She did everything and then some to help me. Awesome.” – Olymphia W.

“First law firm ever used and am very impressed.” – Craig U.

“All the staff at McDivitt Law Firm was very nice and respectful and made my case easy.” – Justin T.

“Although my injury and claim was small by TV media hype, I still got the best service, care, and advice. Thank you.” – Karl T.

“The firm was very helpful and advised me with patience and kindness. My attorney helped me and always answered my calls and questions. She has been great.” – Barbara S.

“My attorney was easy to talk to and she explained everything in terms I could understand. She was great!” – Marilyn S.

“Didn’t get to work with my attorney much until the end, but she was great. She was willing to spend the time to explain everything and what different options I had.” – Jenine M.

“It felt great to have someone on my side, in my corner as it were.” – Mark M.

“The service I got for my workman’s compensation was excellent. Very intelligent, honest, and gave sound advice. I was very pleased with my attorney. My case manager was also a life saver at more than one time.” – Michelle M.

“You are all the cream of the crop. How can you improve on perfection, which is what you are all about? Everyone is so professional, kind, and efficient. Thank you for helping me through this case. I will always remember what you have done for me. My attorney is awesome and exceptional!!” – Marianne M.

“I’d like to thank all for helping me with the situations I faced. I knew nothing and needed the help Tina was wonderful.” – Diana J.

“I had no problems at all. Everyone I came in contact with or talked to was very polite and professional. My Attorney was a pleasure to work with. She answered any and all questions concerning my case.” – Darcie K.

“I am totally satisfied with the service I received from McDivitt Law Firm. My attorney was very professional throughout the entire process with my best interest at mind.” – Frank H.

“My attorney is a true example of a real professional & carries herself like one. I am very thankful she was my attorney. I felt she went above and beyond.” – Regina D.

“Overall experience was easier than I expected which is always a good deal. My Attorney was very professional and understanding.” – Charles E.

“All the staff working on my case was easy to reach and made certain I understood all my options and were extremely helpful and friendly. Thank you.” – Delia F.

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