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DePuy® Hip Replacement Recall

Hip replacement surgery involves removing a hip joint and replacing it with an artificial joint, called a prosthesis. Hip replacement surgery is usually performed in order to relieve arthritis pain, or because of some other severe damage to the hip joint.

Most people decide to undergo hip replacement surgery because of severe pain or immobility issues. After surgery, and a few months of healing time, a hip replacement should reduce the amount of pain, and increase the mobility, of the patient. Unfortunately, some people continue to experience pain and suffer from mobility issues after surgery. This can be due to a defective hip prosthesis.

Johnson & Johnson, in conjunction with its DePuy® Orthopaedics subsidiary, announced at the end of August 2010 that it is recalling parts used for hip replacements. At issue is the high rate of repeat surgeries needed by people who have received the parts. An estimated 93,000 people will be affected by Johnson & Johnson’s latest product recall.

It was thought that the metal-on-metal device, would improve the pain and mobility a person’s hip. However, the danger of a metal-on-metal device has proven to be just as harmful as a damaged hip, if not more so.

Concerns arise because the metal in the implant contains the elements cobalt and chromium, which can be hazardous, even carcinogenic. Shards of this metal have been known to grind off of the ASR hip implant damaging surrounding tissues and muscles, resulting in an increased level of these dangerous metal ions in the body. This can cause intense leg, hip, or groin pains, and in many cases patients have reported pain to the point of immobility.

DePuy® has recalled the following hip replacement products:

Zimmer® Hip Replacement Recall has been overshadowed by DuPuy®. There are countless people who have a Zimmer® Durom Cup or two implanted in their hip area, and many of them may need what’s called “revision” surgery. Why? Because the Zimmer® Hip Implant has an above average failure rate. In fact, approximately 8% of the hip implants failed within the first two years and a study in 2010 showed that the failure rate had increased to 11%. Zimmer® eventually recalled its implants. But in the meantime, many who have received those have endured considerable suffering.

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