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Auto Accident Client Stories

“My attorneys and case manager proved to be competent, interactive and effective in the handling of my case. The firm’s personality comes across as being both professional and friendly. I would recommend McDivitt Law Firm to my business associates, family and friends”
Kenneth D.
“If there ever comes a time I need injury lawyer services again I am coming to McDivitt Law Firm. Also referring my friends that need expert legal advice and counsel. My attorney and case manager were very helpful professional and kept me informed as to everything going on in my case.”
Joseph G.
“I was very pleased not just with the attorney but all the staff. They always go the extra mile.”
Elizabeth G.
“Service was excellent. I wouldn’t change anything.”
Valerie V.
“McDivitt should be the kind of attorney that all clients get. My case manager was outstanding did a great job. My attorney did everything he could do and provided great customer service. He took a bad experience and turned it around.”
Evette V.
“My attorney was extremely thorough with our case and helpful when it came to explaining our case and situation and put it in terms we were able to understand completely.”
Mark V.
“I was very happy with the communication between us. My attorney was very knowledge and helpful when it was time to push the case; she did flawlessly. Thank you and thank the entire staff.”
Michael S.
“My attorney is very personable, exceptionally knowledgeable, and most importantly, he does what he says he will. A pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.”
James S.
“Everything was great. Will come back if I ever need again. I will recommend to everyone I know. They always took my call fast and friendly, great customer service. Everyone is very nice. Always answered questions to best of their ability.”
Gerlyn R.
“Great firm, I have already sent a client to you. My attorney is a very intelligent man with such good instincts. I’m impressed.”
Judy P.
“Everybody here that I had contact with went over and beyond helping. Thanks to everyone including the ladies who work so hard answering the phones”
Cheryl P.
“My attorney was very easy to work with. He was available to answer all my questions either by phone or e-mail. I believe he had my best interests at heart and I appreciate all he has done for me.”
Breda O.
“My attorney went to bat for me with the third party lien companies and was up front and honest with me. I enjoyed working with him.”
Megan O.
“Thank you guys so much. If it wasn’t for your firm, I would not have even been able to see a doctor. Thank you for helping to put this chapter of my life behind me. My case managers were fantastic to work with. Thanks guys.”
Sarah N.
“It all moved so fast. I appreciate the service that everyone involved performed. This was my first experience using an attorney and I thought it went well, overall.”
Wendy M.
“Normally, I fill these out with high marks just to get it done. However, on this review I honestly feel that you guys did an excellent job on my case in every way. Thank you!”
Kerrick M.
“My attorney was awesome. I appreciated his honesty and frankness about the process and the possible outcomes of the litigation. I entered the mediation with no blinders or unreasonable expectations thanks to his expert and honest counsel.”
Jason M.
“McDivitt was a great firm to work with and would recommend to everyone when they need an attorney. My attorney was a huge help in this process. I would highly recommend him in the future, as well as McDivitt!”
Joseph M.
“Thank you both for all your help and hard work. My attorney was very complete and if I need, I will call again. Thank you.”
Kevin M.
“Everything was perfect thanks to you guys. My attorney and case manager were great, answered all my questions and made it really good for me. Thank you.”
Louis M.
“My attorney was very professional willing and available to call me back and assist and answer all my calls.”
Teresa L.
“Everyone was very nice and always answered my questions. I would definitely recommend McDivitt.”
Angel L.
“My case manager kept lines of communication open. She is customer service orientated. My attorney was very caring and understanding throughout my case. He made time to assist me and explain things. Please be aware you have an amazing attorney on your staff.”
Sondra M.