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Winter Car Checklist

Colorado winters can be cold, snowy, and intense. While the snow is welcome on a weekend trip skiing in the mountains, wintry conditions can be dangerous in our day-to-day routine. Follow this winter checklist to see if your car is prepared for Colorado’s snowy season.

Ice Scraper

Keep this in the car year-round, just to be safe! Winter flurries are unpredictable in Colorado and can appear out of the blue. Not properly clearing any snow or ice from your vehicle before driving will obstruct your visibility on the road. Additionally, you are responsible to clear off excess snow from your car that could otherwise blow off and hit another vehicle. An ice scraper and snow brush will quickly clear your car of snow and ice and prevent an unnecessary winter accident.


Say you drive into work with clear blue skies, but when you leave there’s a few inches of snow. A small collapsible shovel in your car will ensure you can clear a path for your vehicle to safely exit.

Warm Winter Clothing & Blankets

In the event of an emergency, such as a dead battery or accident, you may not have access to the heat in your vehicle. Exposure to low temperatures for a prolonged duration can result in frostbite and permanent damage. Keep some old blankets and spare hats, gloves, scarfs, and jackets in the car. You will thank yourself later when you are waiting for roadside assistance!

Salt or Sand

Snow, slush, sleet, and rain can make it very difficult for your tires to gain traction. Keeping salt or sand in your car will help in a situation your car is parked in snow and can’t handle the slippery conditions. Sprinkle some salt or sand around your tires and you will be able to drive away with ease.

First aid kit

Another item that should be kept in your car year-round, a first aid kit will have essential items and tools to use in the event of an accident or injury.


A real flashlight, not just the one on your phone! Being stranded in the dark can be a dangerous situation. For one, other vehicles or motorists will not be able to see you. If you need to assess what is wrong with your car, or change a tire, an LED flashlight will give you the necessary lamination until further assistance arrives.

Jumper cables

You will already have the extra winter clothing, blankets, flashlight, and equipment in car, but maybe you won’t need them if you can jump your vehicle! Instead of waiting for roadside assistance to start your dead battery, you may be able to jump your car and save some time.

Portable Chargers

You will need your phone if need to make a call for help. Having portable batteries and chargers are essential for when you cannot use your vehicle as a power source. Keep one fully charged in your at all times, and periodically check to make sure it is at full capacity.

Food & Water

Bottled water and non-perishable snacks other items to always have in your car in the case of emergency. Snowy conditions may prevent rescue professionals or roadside assistance from being able to arrive within their typical response times. In the event there is a delay it is important to have food and water.

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