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Where Do Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur?

In 2016, there was a 5.1% increase in the number of motorcycle fatalities across the United States, according to data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That year alone, 125 motorcyclists were killed on Colorado roads, representing a 15% increase in motorcycle fatalities in the Mile High State. Due to a motorcycle’s low profile, motorcyclists sustain the majority of the injuries in an accident. In fact, they’re 28x more likely to suffer a fatal accident than passenger car occupants and 80% of all motorcycle accidents result in either injury or death.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the majority of motorcycle accidents also occur on urban roadways – a staggering 56%. Many of these accidents occur in cities and around intersections where traffic may be problematic. Motorcycle crashes are also more likely to occur at night when visibility is reduced for both motorcyclists and other motorists. In fact, 60% of all motorcycle fatalities occurred at night.

Locations Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur

While a motorcycle accident can occur at any time and any place, there are some locations that are inherently more dangerous than others. One of the main reasons motorcycle accidents occur is because other drivers fail to recognize the motorcyclist on the road. Whether on the freeway, on a two lane road or at an intersection, failure to see a motorcyclist can have deadly consequences. And as distracted driving increases across the country, motorcyclists unfortunately suffer from these distractions.


One of the most common locations a motorcycle accident occurs is at an intersection. Intersections are notoriously dangerous for most motorists and pedestrians, but for motorcyclists, they can be fatal. At an intersection, motorcyclists can be injured in a number of ways, but the most common are:

  • Motorcycle Accidents Caused by Left Turning Cars – this is the single most dangerous situation for motorcyclists and causes 42% of all motorcycle accidents. When another driver fails to recognize an oncoming motorcyclist, they may suddenly turn left across the intersection. This can cause deadly results, as the biker is often left with nowhere to go or they are hit directly.
  • Rear End Accidents – at a stop sign or stoplight a motorcyclist can be vulnerable to a rear end accident. When 3000-pound car rear ends a motorcyclist, even going at a slow speed, they can cause deadly accidents. The motorcycle is afforded the same rear bumper protection as another vehicle. As a result, the biker can be inadvertently thrown from their bike and into oncoming traffic or they may be run over by the other vehicle.

Freeways & Interstates

Interstates and freeways are another common location for a motorcycle accident because of increased traffic and an increased rate of speed. Motorists on interstates may suddenly change lanes and into the path of an oncoming motorcyclist. This can cause deadly results as the biker may be hit by another vehicle or thrown from their bike. Increased speed is another reason why interstates and freeways are a common location for accidents. In 2014, 33% of all fatal motorcycle accidents were caused by excessive speed. Both the other driver and the motorcyclist could be exceeding the speed limit and increasing the risk of an accident.

Two Lane Roads

Another common location for motorcycle accidents are two lane highways and roads. These roads are dangerous because of oncoming traffic. As a motorcycle rounds a bend, another distracted driver could veer into their lane and strike them head on. 78% of all crashes involving a motorcycle and another vehicle involve some type of head on collision. While a head on collision in any vehicle is dangerous, a head on motorcycle accident is usually deadly. In fact, it is the most deadly of all motorcycle crashes.


We’re There When You Need Us

Motorcyclists in Colorado need a law firm on their side that understands the complications that can arise after a motorcycle accident. Motorcyclists often face an uphill battle with insurance companies and without an attorney on their side, they may be unable to obtain the money they need to fully recover. At McDivitt Law Firm, we have offices conveniently located throughout Greater Colorado. With offices in Downtown Colorado Springs, North Colorado Springs, Denver, Aurora, and Pueblo, our attorneys are ready to assist you in a moment’s notice.  Contact the McDivitt Law Firm motorcycle accident lawyers today at Colorado Springs 719-471-3700, Denver 303-426-4878, or Pueblo 719-542-3700. We offer free consultations, so you can better understand your rights and options. Call us today!

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