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What Are the Traffic Laws for School Zones in Colorado?

With the summer coming to an end and fall slowly coming up there will be many changes happening here in Colorado. One of the things that has already occurred is that children are back in school. When school starts back up again in the fall there is one stark change that drivers will have to be aware of on the road, which is School Zones. Even with as many precautions that are taken to keep the area surrounding schools safe for children, there are still car accidents in Colorado that occur in school zones. The additional restrictions that are placed on drivers in school zones can make these car accidents more complicated to resolve, and the inclusion of children in a car accident can increase the severity of any sort of car crash. The team at McDivitt Law Firm is highly experienced in advocating for clients during these difficult times and will be able to assist you with navigating the process that follows being involved in a car crash that occurs in a school zone.

Laws Surrounding School Zones in Colorado

The Colorado Revised Statutes define a school zone as “an area that is designated as a school zone and has appropriate signs posted indicating that the penalties and surcharges will be doubled. The state or local government having jurisdiction over the placement of traffic signs and traffic control devices in the school zone area shall designate when the area will be deemed to be a school zone for the purposes of this section. In making such designation, the state or local government shall consider when increased penalties are necessary to protect the safety of school children.”

Due to the significant number of children and parents who are walking in school zones it is important for precautions to be taken in order to prevent anyone from being injured while walking to and from school. The various school zones around Colorado are all clearly marked and visible from the road in order to make drivers aware of the extra precautions that should be taken while driving in a school zone. Even through these zones are clearly marked that does not prevent all accidents from occurring.

Per the Colorado Department of Transportation, “25,000 children are injured annually and more than 100 are killed on average while walking to or from school, all as a result of speeding.”

Do you need help after a car accident in a school zone?

If you find yourself in the unexpected scenario of needing assistance after you or a family member has been in a car accident in a school zone, remember that you don’t have to navigate the situation alone. In such challenging times, seeking the guidance and support of experienced personal injury attorneys can make all the difference. The professionals at McDivitt Law Firm are here to lend a helping hand and ensure that you receive the legal representation you deserve.

Car accidents can have a profound impact on your life, causing physical, emotional, and financial distress and can have an even larger effect when they occur in a school zone. When you reach out to McDivitt Law Firm for assistance, you can expect compassionate and dedicated attorneys who will listen to your story, assess the unique circumstances of your accident, and craft a tailored legal strategy to protect your rights.

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