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Taking Workout Supplements May Be Riskier Than Previously Believed

Athletes are always looking for new ways to take their performance to the next level. Some use workout supplements to help stay at peak physical levels. What a majority of athletes do not realize is the market for such products is highly unregulated, which can lead to serious Workout Supplement Dangers.

In one case, a man released several notoriously dangerous workout supplements to the market. Regulators have attempted to bring him to justice for putting consumers’ health in danger with the harmful ingredients in his products, but he has managed to remain able to continue producing risky products.

An article from Colorado’s 9 News explains how some products the man has put on the market contained ingredients that have caused liver damage, blindness, and even death. Professional athletes have also had their reputations tarnished while taking the man’s products after testing positive for certain drugs under anti-doping regulations.

While the man has been convicted of crimes in the past related to his failure to disclose the ingredients in his products, bureaucratic red tape created by changing companies and their names has allowed him to stay in business, even while serving time in prison.

The Colorado Personal Injury Lawyers with the McDivitt Law Firm encourage consumers to use caution when considering taking workout supplements.

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