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Super Cool Legal Songs

ten songs with legal themesMusic, it’s all around us. It expresses our feelings, and our highs and lows. It sometimes even makes a statement or expression about the law. So, what better to honor the power of music by putting together a list of our favorite legal-themed songs? It’s a pretty great list (though possibly a little silly) ranging from rock, to pop, to folk. Here are seven of our top legal-themed song picks:

  1. Lawyers In Love– Jackson Browne

This one is probably a little unknown ditty to most, but this 80s song may have the best music video of all time. With its classic 80s sound, you would think this song tells the story of two lawyers who are in love. However, the song seems to more about politics and the Cold War. Take the time and check out this somewhat far-fetched music video.

  1. I Fought the Law– The Clash

This rock classic was actually originally recorded by Sonny Curtis of the Crickets, but the Clash give it a nice spin. The song is also probably a good lesson that when you fight the law, the law often wins, or maybe you just shouldn’t leave “your baby.”

  1. Sue Me, Sue You Blues– George Harrison

Not a Beatles song, but it’s by one of the Beatles. The song lets you know if you bring your lawyer and I bring mine “we can get together and have a bad time.” You can probably guess what George was writing about in these lyrics.

  1. This Side of the Law-Johnny Cash

Anything by Johnnie Cash is not only an oldie, but a goodie. Cash reminds us that there are always two sides to things. In this case, it’s those on “this side of the law,” and those on “that side of the law.” And if you want, you can always tune in and listen to Folsom Prison Blues.

  1. I’m Just a Bill—Schoolhouse Rock

This may be more of a cartoon than a song, but if you remember the Schoolhouse Rock days, you can’t help but get this tune stuck in your head. It’s also a very informative and simple way to learn about how a bill becomes a law. Also, if you’re curious, there’s a nice rock version in Legally Blonde 2.

  1. Can I Get a Witness—Marvin Gaye

Ok, this may be a love song; it is Marvin Gaye after all. He sings about how he needs a witness to what he’s going through over his baby. Someone to witness the torture he is going through. I guess, if he ever went to court over his heartache, a witness would come in handy.

  1. Philadelphia Lawyer—Woody Guthrie

And we can’t leave off the list a good old fashion folk song about a Philadelphia lawyer, a Hollywood dame, and a cowboy. Clearly, these are the makings of a great tune. The song ends letting us know that there is one less Philadelphia lawyer in good ole Pennsylvania. I wonder, why?

Please note, that these song recommendations are not really expressions or views of the actual law. However, that doesn’t make them any less fun to listen to, and you never know, you might learn something from them. Have fun enjoying them, and maybe you can think of some that we might have missed.

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