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Preparing for a Safe Motorcycle Season

The sun is shining in Colorado and riding season is back! Riding your bike through the beautiful rocky mountain landscape is the perfect social distancing activity for the summer. Whether you are riding up and down the state’s main highway, I-25, or taking your bike into the windy mountain roads, being safe is still the most important part of enjoying your ride.








If you have been riding long enough, you know how much more vulnerable you are than most other vehicles on the road. Let’s take a look at some of the factors go into the higher vulnerability of riders:

  1. Drivers Aren’t Double Checking
    Drivers should always keep their eyes peeled for motorcyclists and take a double look when making lane changes. Since drivers are conditioned to look for larger vehicles on the road, sometimes they will mistakenly miss the view of a motorcycle, causing devastating accidents. In fact, most motorcycle accidents are caused by other drivers violating the motorcycle’s right of way. (About 66%).
  2. Left Turn in Front of Motorcyclist
    This accident occurs when other drivers simply fail to recognize a motorcyclist on the road and turn left directly into the oncoming motorcyclist’s path. Inattention and distraction are most notably to blame for these accidents.
  3. Rear End Accidents
    Drivers who are driving distracted may fail to notice a motorcyclist stopped at a red light or an intersection. As a result, they may rear end the biker. Even rear end motorcycle accidents that occur at low speeds can cause significant injury. Always give motorcycles a little extra room to be sure you can stop in time in the case of a sudden halt.
  4. Speeding
    Speeding is a major cause of motorcycle accidents just as it is for any other type of vehicle collision. When drivers or motorcyclists drive above the posted speed limit, they reduce their chances of seeing and reacting to other drivers, debris, or defects on the road. Speeding not only puts you in a higher risk of getting in an accident, but also increases the risk of serious injury and even fatality.

Brushing up on safety habits is always a good idea before another season of riding. Now that we have reviewed some of the vulnerabilities of riders, let’s take a look at some ways you can prepare to have a safe and enjoyable ride:

Test the Lights, Brakes and Turn Signals
Make sure your motorcycle is just as ready as you are for heading out on the road. Make sure that all headlights and taillights, rear and front brakes and turn signals are functioning. These are vital for your visibility to others on the road and to help other drivers anticipate your lane changes or decrease in speed.

Lube the Chain and Check the Cables
Cleaning and lubricating the bike chain will help it last longer. Lube the entire chain and remove any excess lubricant. The cables that run from the throttle to the engine should also not be frayed or worn.

Motorcycle Safety Gear List
Use safety as your excuse to shell out for that leather jacket, or to purchase a motorcycle safety vest. Get the pants while you’re at it. Wear durable non-slip gloves and invest in boots or sneakers that cover your ankles. This list is motorcycle safety gear for hot weather, as well as cold weather. It is important to protect your body. If you have a child as a passenger on your motorcycle, make sure they are in a motorcycle car seat.

Pick a High-Quality Helmet
A motorcyclist not wearing a helmet is 40 percent more likely to die of a head injury than one who wears a helmet. Pick a high-quality helmet that fits well, and if it doesn’t have a face shield, pair it up with goggles or glasses with safety lenses.

Check out these tips along with a more extensive list here.

Time to Hit The Road!
Now that we’ve refreshed some safety tips, it’s time to hit the road and enjoy the freedom of riding! If you are interested in more motorcycle material or on resources for hiring an attorney after being in a motorcycle accident, click on the links below.

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