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Poor Auditing At The Heart Of Last Year’s Deadly Listeria Outbreak

January 11, 2012

New information has been released on how the deadly Listeria outbreak that killed 30 people last year spread. According to reports from 9 News, third party auditors who inspected Jensen Farms, where the outbreak originated, ignored government guidance on food safety. Furthermore, they gave the facility a “Superior” rating two months before the outbreak.

The new evidence comes from a report that was released Tuesday by the House Energy and Commerce Committee. The document quoted a representative of the auditing company responsible for inspections of the facility as saying that their reports are not meant to help companies improve food safety standards. On the contrary, grocery store chains and food retailers across the country depend on these reports to ensure that the food they buy is safe for consumption.

Congressional investigators and panel committee members are now asking that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) tighten regulations that surround the third-party audit companies and how their inspection process is run. Reform of these regulations and their enforcers is pertinent and vital as these are often the only neutral parties to inspect food-processing facilities.

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