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Are Pets Included in the Contaminated Water Lawsuit?

Since August of 2016, McDivitt Law Firm has been working with residents in the Fountain / Security / Widefield area who have suffered illnesses or injuries due to contaminated water. The contamination has been linked to firefighting foam, as it was used for decades during training exercises on Peterson Air Force Base. The Colorado Department of Public Health and the EPA has made the determination that the levels of perfluorinated compounds in the water of this area are higher than the EPA-recommended levels. With the momentum of this issue reaching nationwide recognition, McDivitt Law Firm has partnered with a law firm out of New York known for their environmental law experience, Napoli Shklonik.

Since the beginning of this process, McDivitt team members have fielded thousands of questions from concerned residents on several different topics concerning the contaminated water. One type of question McDivitt has received often regards the health of pets in the area, that may have also been exposed to the drinking water contaminated with the PFOAs and POAs. “Unfortunately, in the state of Colorado, pets are considered property,” said Mike McDivitt. “We know that most of us consider our pets our family members. But the laws of Colorado do not agree.”

Although McDivitt is pursuing legal action regarding property value, in addition to health issues, pets are excluded from both elements of the case. 

“It pains us to have to explain to those who have seen their pets suffer particular health issues, or an unusual onslaught of health problems,” McDivitt said.

Mike McDivitt wants to emphasize that if someone is worried about their pet and the health problems they have suffered, then they should also be concerned about their own health or others who may live in the residence.

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