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People Not Prepared For Summer Water Safety

With the heat of summer just around the corner, an American Red Cross survey found that eight in 10 households are planning outdoor activities on the water. The startling statistic was that two out of those 10 listed their swimming skills as fair, poor, or nonexistent and that three percent could not swim at all.

Dr. Peter Wernicki, Chairman for the Aquatics Subcommittee of the American Red Cross Scientific Advisory Council said, “Learning how to swim and maintaining constant supervision of those in or near the water are crucial elements of water safety…we urge families to make water safety a priority.”

Here are a few suggestions to keep you and your family safe this summer on the water:

  • Wear life preservers on motorized watercraft.
  • Never allow children near the water without supervision.
  • One adult should be in charge of supervising all in and around the water.
  • In shallow water, keep poor swimmers with in arms reach.
  • Do not depend on water wings or “floaties” for children; they are not designed to keep a child’s head above water.
  • Assist someone in danger by reaching out a floating object.

Misunderstanding the dangers of being on the water without the proper skills may lead to a high number of accidents and fatalities across the nation this summer. If you, or someone you know, are injured on the water, contact a Colorado personal injury attorney with the McDivitt Law Firm to assist you with your case.

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