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Paralyzed Man Learns To Move Forward Following Accident

February 13, 2012

If asked what the most important aspect of life after a serious accidental injury is, most survivors will tell you gaining the ability to move forward with life is a primary and vital hurdle to overcome. One man who will testify to this is a 38-year-old tetraplegic from Denver, Colorado.

According to an article by 9 News, the man suffered the spinal injury that left him paralyzed while riding his bike to work last fall. He says that he looked down for a split second during the ride to adjust his coat and hit a garbage truck from behind.

The impact was enough force to shatter the man’s C6 and C7 vertebrae. He was conscious throughout the incident and clearly remembers the moment he was unable to move any limb on his body.

In the months since the accident, the man has undergone several surgeries and visits a rehabilitation center daily. Although he and his family have mounting medical bills and are now tasked with the expense of retrofitting their home to accommodate a wheelchair, he is learning to overcome the challenges of his new disability.

The Colorado personal injury lawyers with the McDivitt Law Firm wish this man the best of luck in his recovery process and future endeavors. The firm would also like to remind other accident victims that they are not alone and we are here to help.

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