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New Apps Aim to Stop Colorado Teens from Texting and Driving

May 15, 2012

Colorado law holds that drivers under age 18 aren’t permitted to talk on the phone, and no driver is allowed to text while driving. However, the practice of texting while driving is still going on. This reality has left parents and lawmakers searching for other ways to deter teens from paying attention to cell phones while behind the wheel. Enter a variety of new smartphone apps designed to lock the cell phone from use while a vehicle is in motion.

Reports KDVR, one such app called Cell Control was installed by the parents of a Lone Tree, Colorado, teenager who’d just received his driver’s license. The app locks the phone from use as soon as a car is in motion. In tandem with the app, a Cell Control transmitter is installed in the vehicle so that incoming texts don’t appear and calls go straight to voicemail.

Similar apps include txtBlocker, CellSafety, iZup and Zoomsafer.

For concerned parents, the best option may be to set a good example about texting while driving. A forthcoming survey from Consumer Reports revealed that 48 percent of teenagers say they have seen their mom or dad talking on a cell phone while driving, and 15 percent have seen a parent texting while driving.

The Denver Car Accident Lawyers at McDivitt Law Firm are passionate about keeping teens—and all drivers—from texting while driving. No text is important enough to risk having a Colorado car accident.

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