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Meaningful Access to the Civil Justice System for All?

A recent op-ed in the New York Times discussed that each year the United States Supreme Court accepts about 75 of the 10,000 petitions filed. Of those they do accept, a small group of lawyers, who mostly work for corporate clients, argue a large amount of these cases. Of that small group, eight attorneys argue in front of the Court, on average, one in every five cases.

The editorial claims it is those individuals who have money that have the greatest access to the Supreme Court—not the average American. However, our team at McDivitt Law Firm is here to provide meaningful access to the civil justice system for all, not just the wealthy.

McDivitt Law Firm works on a contingency fee basis in order to provide access to the court system for people who do not always have the financial resources to get that access. That is because we believe everyone should have access regardless of their ability to pay. For more information on contingent fees, read Attorney’s Fees and How They Affect Your Access to the Justice System.

Our team believes in providing meaningful access to the civil justice system for those who have been harmed and to hold those who have caused the harm accountable. It is why we have a team of skilled trial lawyers to provide this access to all.

If you find that you need an attorney to help provide access to the civil justice system and to help you get money for your injuries and damages caused by the negligent or careless actions of someone else, contact one of our experienced attorneys at McDivitt Law Firm today to request a free consultation.


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