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The Law Frog on KILO 94.3 – September 21, 2022

On the third Wednesday of every month, David McDivitt joins KILO 94.3 to answer legal questions from callers in Southern Colorado. Being a part of the morning show on KILO 94.3 is a dream come true for David, who had always aspired to be a rock star. David’s talents lead to him practicing law over practicing sick guitar rifts, but this lets him help people in need AND rock out with other music fans. Tune in from 8am-9am to hear some of the fascinating legal situations David addresses. If you have any questions of your own be sure to call in: 719-633-KILO or submit a question here.

McDivitt Law Firm Frog

September 21, 2022

Legal Issues Covered This Week

Question 1: My ex boyfriend was murdered two years ago, his killer has had as many continuances as he could, he had until 9-6-22 to either accept a plea of aggrieved manslaughter or go to trial. He chose to go to trial. He is on his 4th lawyer in attempts to extend the start of the trial. The judge on the case will retire in December so by the time the trial starts there will be a new judge. I asked his mom to request a change in venue but I don’t think she has. My question is how many more times can he fire his lawyers to delay the trial? Would requesting a change of venue be in our best interest? This all happened in a small town (where everyone knows everyone) two hours south of springs. The DA isn’t fighting very hard to get the trial going and I just wanted to ask what options we have (if any)?

Question 2: I bought a car from a local dealership that was modified. I bought an extended warranty at the time of the purchase. Now the transmission has gone out, and the warranty won’t cover the car because of the modifications. I wouldn’t have bought the car without the warranty. The dealership won’t budge on fixing the car. It broke down in another state, and I had to leave it and fly home. I’ve lost time at work because I’m having to borrow a car from a friend, and I still have to pay the monthly payment on a car that I can’t afford to fix. What can I do?

Question 3: A man left a $3000 tip for a $13 coffee at a café. The man then goes home, calls his bank to contest the charge and cancel it. The coffee shop is now on the hook for the $3000 as they gave it to the barista. They are suing the man who tipped and cancelled. How will this play out?

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