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Make Motorcycle Safety a Summer Priority

Drivers Returning to the Road Makes Motorcycle Safety Especially Important

Let’s be honest with ourselves: driving during the COVID-19 shutdowns was nice. Although some individual drivers might have taken it as an invitation to be reckless, the relatively empty highways seemed to take most of the stress out of driving. Changes like these were especially nice if you were on a motorcycle, as it meant that you didn’t need to worry as much about avoiding other vehicles.

Colliding with vehicles is one of the main causes of dangerous motorcycle accidents, and there are a couple of reasons for this. It doesn’t help that motorcycle accidents can consistently cause some of the worst injuries sustainable while riding. If you’re riding a motorcycle during a busy time on the highway, it’s helpful to be extra cautious until everyone’s adapted back to the road.

To protect yourself from a potentially dangerous motorcycle accident, remember:

  • Keep a handle on your speed. Sure, chasing the thrill of the open road can be addicting, but you always want to drive at a speed that you can comfortably control. Going too fast when taking corners is a chief cause of wiping out, which can lead to further injuries if you fall off your motorcycle.
  • One of the main reasons that cars collide with motorcycles is that they’re simply not aware there’s a rider near them. The smaller size of motorcycles means that it’s easier to get missed when someone checks their blind spot or changes lanes. Because of this, you shouldn’t assume that other cars can always see you. Keep an eye out for signs that they might be switching lanes or moving closer, and be prepared to drive defensively if they do.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Alcohol is involved in about a third of all motorcycle fatalities. Statistically speaking, crashes involving alcohol are even more likely to be fatal if the crash only involves the rider. This means that there’s no safe way to ride if you think you may be impaired. Fortunately, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you anticipate having drinks when you go out, consider carpooling or calling a rideshare. Sure, they might add a little to the evening’s cost, but even the most expensive Uber ride is preferable to the softest motorcycle accident.

Because most motorcycle crashes risk completely separating their riders from their bikes, they’re among some of the most dangerous things that can happen on the road. Even crashes that are considered ‘less severe’ can cause extended hospital stays and require years of recovery.

Since recovery can be a challenging path, it’s important to have an experienced lawyer on your side so that you can focus on healing if your life is upended. Insurance companies are very skilled at finding technicalities that can allow them to avoid paying for the costly recovery process. Our Colorado Law Firm has been getting the victims of auto accidents the compensation that they deserve for over 40 years!

McDivitt Law Firm can help get you back on your feet. We pride ourselves in putting our clients first and making sure that they’re able to focus on recovery while we deal with insurance companies on their behalf.

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