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Getting Help From McDivitt Law Firm Amid Coronavirus

McDivitt Law Firm Will Contact You Personally for All of Your Accident & Injury Concerns
We are all watching the cases of Coronavirus in the news. The markets are volatile, travel and crowded events are canceling and many of us are worried about the spread of this virus.

Here at McDivitt Law Firm, we are also watching these events unfold. Like you, we go home to our families we worry about schools, sickness, the economy and we wait with bated breath to see how and when this will end.

Unfortunately, there are still car crashes. The number one piece of advice that we can give you is to pay even more attention to the road right now.  Distractions lead to crashes. Always stay off your smartphone.  But, if you are injured in a crash, please don’t wait to call us.

woman calling mcdivitt law firm to discuss her car accident case

You don’t have to leave your house to get help. 

  • We can sign you up with a phone call.
  • If you already have a case, you can access case information at any time during the day from your house or your phone.
  • We can update you via email, phone and/or text.

To monitor the ongoing Coronavirus situation, check the Centers for Disease Control’s website at:

McDivitt Law Firm is a family firm. This makes us unique because every single thing we do stems from the belief that family and community come first. Call us If you have been injured in a car crash. Coronavirus will not stop us from helping you to get the money you deserve. Colorado is our community and our family extends to all of you. We are watching this public health crisis with you and we are responding. At McDivitt Law Firm we will continue to fight for you by any means necessary and together we will win.

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