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Free Cab Rides Halloween Night In Colorado Springs

October 24, 2011

For children, Halloween is about getting dressed up for a door-to-door adventure, in hopes of achieving sugary bliss. For many adults, the holiday is a fun night to party.

That is why, in order to provide a safer environment for all spooksters, one Colorado law firm began a program, called Safe and Sober, to provide free safe rides home for all the intoxicated ghouls on the streets of Colorado Springs Halloween night. They also provide the same service on other holidays throughout the year.

The McDivitt Law Firm says anyone who has had too much to drink next Monday night need only call Yellow Cab of Colorado Springs and tell the dispatcher his or her ride is on the McDivitt Law Firm.

The rides can only be to a person’s residence, not to another drinking establishment. Rides will be available between 10 PM and 3 AM Halloween night within the Colorado Springs city limits. Yellow Cab can be reached by simply calling (719) 777-7777.

Last year, the firm =gave away 283 free rides, and hopes the number will grow this year.

The Colorado Auto Accident Attorneys would like to thank the Yellow Cab Company for partnering with us on this program, and wish everyone in Colorado a Safe and Sober Halloween!

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