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Do I Need to Call the Police After an Auto Accident?

There Are Legal Requirements for Reporting Car Accidents in Colorado

One of the first things we learn in Driver’s Ed is that in the event of an accident, you should call the police and have them file an accident report and document the scene. Having this official report will be a significant source of support if you choose to file an insurance claim or hire a personal injury attorney. For many of us, it’s been decades since we learned the fundamentals of driver responsibilities which is why we here at McDivitt Law Firm want to provide a refresher course in when to call the police after a car accident. 

The Police Are Your Best Ally After an Accident

No matter the severity of the car accident, calling a police officer or state trooper to file a formal report is always the best course of action. Having an official third-party view of your accident provides comprehensive documentation of the situation – something not all drivers can provide on their own after an accident. If you can’t get a police officer to come to the scene, you can always go to the nearest police station to file an accident report. If for some reason the attending police officer doesn’t make a move to write a report, you need to request it. 

It’s important to remember that not all injuries or automotive damages are apparent immediately after an accident. Having a police report on hand will be more than valuable in filing an insurance claim after visiting a medical professional or an automotive repair professional.

When to Call the Police After a Car Accident

There may be some accidents that you feel may not warrant police involvement, but to keep you on the right side of Colorado law, you must call the police to a car accident scene if:

  • Anyone involved is injured or dead.
  • Public property is damaged such as a road sign, guard rail, or light pole.
  • The accident is a hit-and-run.
  • A driver involved in the crash is suspected to have been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • A vehicle is disabled.

While you do not have to report other car accidents, you should still make an effort to report them. Colorado has an online crash reporting system that will log the information, but bear in mind it will not be investigated by authorities.  

Having a police report on hand gives you a formal write-up of the accident and any critical details that could make or break a personal injury case. For you to get access to any sort of compensation, your insurance company and attorney will need to see the police report in order to help you. 

McDivitt Law Firm – Professional & Experienced Colorado Car Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been injured in an accident, call the police immediately to file a report. Next, contact McDivitt Law Firm to get the best legal representation on your side in order to get the compensation you deserve. 

McDivitt Law Firm has been helping injured workers, drivers, and pedestrians for 40 years. Our team of affordable Colorado attorneys understands what details are important and required in order to make your case – and that starts with a police report.

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