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The 8 Most Common Personal Injury Cases

personal-injury-casePersonal injury cases are more than just accidents, and can result in very serious bodily injury. These types of cases can come in many forms and are not merely auto accidents or slip and falls. Practicing safe measures and being aware can prevent some injuries, but even the most cautious can be injured due to the carelessness or negligence of others.

Let’s check out the most common types of personal injury cases.

Here are the 8 most common injuries we see:

  1. Defective Product. A defective product can include any consumer products. The defect in the product could be due to a design defect or a manufacturing defect. A defective product can be dangerous and even cause death. A recent example of a defective product is Takata airbags, which led to a massive recall of many vehicles.
  2. Dangerous Drug. Even though drugs go through extensive testing prior to being released to the general public, many medications make it to the market that have serious side effects. In some circumstances, drug manufacturers downplay or fail to warn of certain side effects. A recent example of a dangerous or defective drug is Zofran, which has been linked to certain birth defects including heart defects.
  3. Car Accident. Probably the most common thought of personal injury are those that occur in a car accident. A car accident can be a very traumatic experience and cause physical pain and financial hardship. A car accident isn’t just about the damage to the car, but about the persons involved as well.
  4. Slip and Fall. Slip and fall injuries occur when you slip on the floor or any other surface. When these injuries occur on another’s property it is important to see if they could have prevented the condition that created the fall.
  5. Dangerous Premises. Dangerous premises involve more than just a slip and fall injury as explained above. Dangerous premises can include substandard sidewalks, dangerous stairs and railings, and more. Property owners are responsible in keeping their land free of known or reasonably known dangerous conditions.
  6. Injury from Intentional Tort. Unlike the majority of injuries on this list, an intentional tort is not due to someone’s carelessness or negligence. An intentional tort in relation to personal injury would arise from a battery action, which is an intentional infliction upon a person’s body.
  7. Dog Bite. A dog bite is pretty self-explanatory. However, the dog bite does not need to occur on a homeowner’s property for the dog’s owner to be responsible for any injury you sustain.
  8. Injury Negligence. This is the catch-all for personal injury cases. If someone else’s negligent actions caused you an injury they may be liable.

Knowing the most common types of personal injury cases hopefully will increase everyone’s knowledge about when to seek assistance from an attorney and help all to keep safety measures in mind to prevent these injuries when possible.

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