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Colorado Receives $1.1 Million from Pfizer Settlement

Dec. 14, 2012

Attorney General of Colorado, John Suthers announced this week that the state would receive a portion of the $42.9 million settlement each between 33 states and drug manufacturer, Pfizer, Inc. According to an article from 9 News, Colorado will receive approximately $1.1 million as part of the deal.

A lawsuit was filed after allegations that Pfizer was illegally marketing some of its medications. One of the drugs in question was Zyvox, an antibiotic used in the treatment of pneumonia and certain skin infections.

Officials with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) claimed that Pfizer representatives told pharmacists and doctors the drug was more effective in treating certain conditions than other drugs with no evidence to back the claims.

Other claims arose that Pfizer was marketing another medication, Lyrica, for the treatment of conditions not approved by the FDA. This practice, known as “off-label” marketing, is strictly forbidden by federal regulation and has been responsible for causing numerous Drug Injuries in the past.

The settlement also requires Pfizer to eliminate incentive programs used by its sales force to entice doctors into prescribing the company’s medications.

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