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Colorado Citizens Urged to Use Caution with Space Heaters

Nov. 9, 2012

With cold weather beginning to settle into Colorado, many citizens are using space heaters to cut heating costs. But experts are warning that use of space heaters can be extremely dangerous.

According to a story from Courthouse News Service, roughly 19,000 space heaters sold in the United States were recalled earlier this year due to electrical defects that caused units to catch fire. Two years prior, Wal-Mart issued a recall on 2.2 million space heaters after the defective product reportedly caused four injuries.

Despite recalls of such defective products, a Harvard University study shows that around 300 people die each year, while another 6,000 are injured from burns caused by a space heater. Additionally, approximately 25,000 homes are burned in the United States each year due to fires caused by space heaters.

If used properly and inspected often, space heaters can be safe to use. Consumers must remember to never use a space heater in an enclosed space of an area with high humidity such as a bathroom, as both conditions have been known to start fires. Also, remember to never use an extension cord to power a space heater because this has also been known to ignite fires. Never place a space heater on an elevated surface either—keep it on the floor instead.

The Denver Personal Injury Lawyers with McDivitt Law Firm hope these safety tips will help keep families across Colorado warm and safe through the winter months.

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