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CDOT Improves Roads around Boulder to Make Cycling Safer

June 25, 2012

Bicycle accidents have become a growing concern for officials in the State of Colorado, as the number of collisions between cyclists and motor vehicles grow. In an effort to make roads around the Boulder-area safer for both groups, the Colorado Department of Transportation has begun a $5 million road improvement project.

According to the Denver Post, the project will be completed in two years, and will widen the shoulders of Colorado 93 from Golden North to Colorado 128 and several other secondary routes. This will allow bicycle riders the options of multiple loops and different roads around the city that were once considered dangerous for cyclists. Kris Thompson, the owner of 303 Cycling, says that the project will certainly be embraced by the cycling community, although it will take some riders a while to warm up to the idea of riding these roads. He stated, “It’s always been a scary road. The majority of people are going to be wary for a while.”

The routes set to be improved have been the scene of dozens of Boulder auto accidents involving cyclists being injured or killed. One such incident last year involved a 73-year-old Boulder man who was killed at the intersection of Lefthand Canyon Drive and Olde Stage Road when a dump truck pulled out in front of him.

The Boulder Personal Injury Lawyers with the McDivitt Law Firm are hopeful the project will reduce accidents and save lives.

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