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5 of the Spookiest Things Your Insurance Company Might Do

1. Not offer UM/UIM insurance, or explain to you what you’re rejecting by waiving this coveragescary insurance stories

Uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist insurance is a policy option your insurance agent may omit when reviewing a plan. Or, if they do mention it, may downplay its significance to offer you the least expensive plan possible. However, saving a few dollars up front by NOT having an UM/UIM option will come back to haunt you! If you are in a bad accident and the person responsible does not have insurance, or doesn’t have enough insurance coverage, to cover all of your damages, then you will forever be limited in how much compensation you will be able to obtain for your injuries.

2. Not tell you what policy limits mean

By law, drivers are required to carry a $25,000 minimum in policy limits. Often times, your agent may tell you that’s all you need! This a deceptive trick, not a treat! Legislation dictating policy limits has not increased for decades, and does not account for inflation. While your insurance agent is legally correct in stating $25,000 is enough, this figure will not suffice in many cases. In the event you visit the ER following an accident, your policy limits may not even cover your ER expenses. Any future medical expenses needed for your injuries will, therefore, have to come out of your own pocket, as your insurance will not cover it. Spending a little extra on your monthly insurance could save your financial stability in the future if you are ever injured in an accident.

3. Record your statement immediately after the crash, before you have a chance to speak to an attorney

The insurance company is counting on being able to get you on the record before you have a chance to assess your options following a bad accident. By law, you have 15 days before you have to give a recorded statement to the at-fault insurance company. This allows you time to seek a free consultation with an attorney to get legal counsel and understand your rights. It also gives you a chance to assess the extent of your injuries, the reality of whether you will be missing work due to the accident, and any other extenuating factors that might creep up on you following a crash. Please take proper advantage of your rights, and be sure to seek legal counsel before you give a statement to any insurance adjuster.

4. Not encouraging you to seek medical treatment when you need it

The first thing McDivitt Law Firm tells our clients is to make sure they are seeking complete medical treatment for their injuries. This is not the same advice you will receive from the insurance company. Your insurer does not want to be liable for any medical bills you may incur, so they will not advise you to make sure to see a doctor or a specialist. They hope you’ll submit the minimum amount and settle your case before any long-term effects may develop or become present. Don’t let these injuries persist without ensuring financial compensation for them. Take care of yourself, have all of your injuries assessed, and seek all of the medical treatment your Doctor recommends before settling with the insurance company. An experienced attorney will help guide you through this process to ensure your care is complete and your bills are covered.

5. Your insurance adjuster will disguise as your friend

Insurance adjusters are very adept at making you believe they have your best interest in mind. While they may express sincere concern for you, they are hiding their true motivations. Your insurance company uses your adjuster to try to settle your claim as soon as possible for the least amount of money as possible. McDivitt Law Firm’s legal team pulls the mask off of these tactics and represents our clients’ best interests. Don’t get deceived by the insurance company after an accident. Hire an experienced attorney to navigate these common tricks and traps. McDivitt Law Firm scares away insurance companies and makes sure our clients are protected and taken care of.

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