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McDivitt Law Firm has no Fees Guaranteed

How we Get Paid

McDivitt Law Firm works on a strictly contingency fee basis — you pay us absolutely nothing up-front, and you don’t owe us a fee unless we collect money for you. This financial model means every single person working on your case is just as invested in the outcome as you are. Our primary goal is to get you all the money you’re entitled to for your injuries.

When you call McDivitt Law Firm, you will get a free consultation about your case and how we might be able to help. Once we take your case, you have the entire McDivitt Law Firm fighting on your behalf, going toe-to-toe with insurance companies and working to get you compensated for your injuries and your losses. All this time, you don’t pay us anything. We will only get a fee when we get money for you.

McDivitt Law Firm was founded on the principal of providing everyone access to the civil justice system, and we do this by only taking a fee when we’ve done our job. All it takes to hire a McDivitt attorney is giving us a call.