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Achievements in Legislative Action

Allen Rose Tow-truck Safety Act

McDivitt Law Firm represented the Rose family after the tragic tow-truck accident that led to Allen Rose’s death. As a result of this case, the Allen Rose Tow-truck Safety Act has been signed into law. We hope the passage of this law will promote safe practices across the state of Colorado.

Alternative service of process bill

Attorney David McDivitt was asked by the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association (CTLA) to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee for the State of Colorado as CTLA’s expert on House Bill 1164, which is a critical piece of legislation for consumers, health care providers, and the taxpayers of Colorado. The bill will allow service of process on insurance companies in situations where negligent motorists attempt to avoid financial responsibility for the accidents they cause by fleeing the state, concealing their whereabouts, or otherwise ducking service of process. It further allows consumers to access their uninsured or underinsured motorist benefits in situations where service of process on the insurance company fails, thereby ensuring that injured victims truly get the insurance coverage they’ve already paid for.

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