Why GM Vehicles are Being Recalled

In February, 2014, General Motors announced a large-scale recall of more than one million vehicles that possibly contain a faulty ignition switch, which could become a contributing factor in major collisions. The faulty switch has the potential to come loose while the car is in motion, and this has, in some cases, stalled the car. [Click here for a history of some of these instances.]

GM admits that more than 30 vehicles were involved in accidents resulting in serious injuries due to the faulty switch, and attributes about a dozen fatal accidents to the problem. However, a national consumer advocate group conducted its own study, and estimates that more than 300 fatal accidents over the course of the past 10 years could have been due to the company’s mistake.

Now that GM has admitted the vehicles have these issues, thousands of accidents are being re-reviewed to see whether the initial cause of the accident may have been a result of negligence on the part of General Motors.

While GM’s new CEO is working hard to recall the affected vehicles, there could be thousands of consumers who may have already been injured, or loved ones lost, in accidents involving the recalled vehicles.

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