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Where a dog bite occurs can be almost as important as how it occurs.

Colorado is a state that loves its dogs, and many of us at McDivitt Law Firm are loving pet owners. Unfortunately, sometimes dogs attack, whether provoked or due to improper pet ownership. As we’ve seen firsthand, the injuries sustained from a dog bite or a dog attack can be very bad and result in costly medical bills. When a dog bite case gets to that point, it’s important for a victim to seek legal assistance to make sure their medical costs are covered by the party responsible for their injuries.

Who is responsible in a dog bite case?

There are several things to consider when approaching a case where someone has been injured due to a dog bite or dog attack, and the attorneys at McDivitt Law Firm have experience in culling through all the details of these cases.

First, an attorney will review the circumstances surrounding the case. If an adult or child has reached out to pet a dog or touches a wound on a dog that has an injury, and that dog responds in defense, this can result in a bite to the victim’s hand, face or arm. Depending on the severity of the bite, if the victim needs medical care, those costs could be covered by the insurance held by the dog owner. An attorney will evaluate what kind of homeowner or renter’s insurance the dog owner has, and that will likely be the source of compensation for the medical bills associated with the injury. This is the kind of insurance coverage that helps with any kind of accident or injury that might arise on a person’s property, and it can at times be very straight forward.

However, there are other cases where the liability falls more heavily on the dog owner, and could even involve a third party. There are cases where a dog doesn’t just bite at someone out of a sense of self-defense, but rather is more of an attack by the dog. These unprovoked attacks are often far more serious cases, and likely result in very serious injuries. The first thing to do when dealing with a wound from a dog bite or attack is to treat the wound to prevent infections. Unfortunately, often if a child is attacked by a dog, these wounds can lead to permanent disfigurement, which creates a far more serious case and extremely costly medical bills for years to come.

Dog attack cases

In the case of injuries from a dog attack, our attorneys will begin to look at the history of the dog in question. Does this dog have a known violent past? Is this dog breed known for being quick to attack? Some cities in the state of Colorado ban certain dog breeds based on their behavioral patterns. If the dog in question is residing in an area illegally, that is something our attorneys will evaluate.

Another issue regarding dog attacks is whether the dog lives in an apartment building that has a list of “approved” dogs. If this breed is not on the approved dog list, and the apartment owner should have known about the dog but didn’t do anything about it, the liability now falls not just on the owner of the dog, but the owner of the apartment building. Similarly, if the dog owner lives in a neighborhood where people had filed complaints about the dog in the past, and the owner didn’t do anything about those complaints, this could create an additional set of circumstances for the attorney to review in terms of liability.

When it comes to dog bite cases and dog attack cases, there might be several different legal principles that require different actions and have different timelines on them. There is a lot to consider in cases like these involving dogs, which might require various avenues from a legal standpoint, such as who is ultimately responsible, or if more than one entity is responsible. An experienced attorney can help you navigate all of these layers of issues associated with a dog bite case.

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