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Been in a bike accident? We’re here to help.

Bike accidents can result in serious injuries and that’s where McDivitt steps in. Our team of professionals can help you navigate the legal landscape of a bike accident case.

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Do you have a personal injury case if you’ve been hurt on a bicycle?

As most of us know, bicycle riders have to abide by the same rules of the road as vehicles. But when an accident happens involving a bike and a car, nothing about the damage is equal. Bicycle riders are extremely vulnerable in an accident, due to the very nature of their exposure to the elements. And the injuries sustained in a bike accident can be extremely severe.

Attorneys at McDivitt Law Firm have handled many cases over the years involving victims who have been injured on a bike, and each case is unique when the factors are all taken into account.

Who is at fault?

The first goal of our attorneys when they are looking at a case involving a bicycle and a car is to establish who is at fault. If the driver of the car is at fault, this is a case the firm would be able to take, and handle on behalf of the injured bicycle rider.

Types of Injuries

The scary thing our attorneys have noted is that many times accidents on a bike result in very serious injuries. Often times, the victim has suffered head injuries, which are always serious, and can at times be catastrophic. Our attorneys have also helped injured victims who have serious injuries to their legs, due to the nature of how these accidents tend to impact the bike rider.

Types of Insurance

Attorneys at McDivitt Law Firm will immediately start analyzing the insurance held by both the bicycle rider and the vehicle owner involved in the accident. If the person on the bike did not have insurance, it would be imperative that the owner of the vehicle have applicable uninsured motorist insurance. Some insurance, however, may not cover bicycle accidents.

An experienced attorney will be able to evaluate all forms of insurance that could be applicable to assist in compensating a bicycle rider who has been injured in an accident. The attorney will also be able to review medical insurance that might apply, and work on behalf of the bicyclist to get the money necessary to heal properly from an accident on a bike.

It’s important to note that if you are trying to navigate the waters of a bicycle accident on your own, there is a two-year statue of limitations on these cases when you might be able to claim compensation from insurance. An attorney will help make sure you are taking the appropriate steps needed to get your claim made in time and begin getting the money needed for your medical bills and healing.

Contingency Fee Basis

McDivitt Law Firm only charges its clients on a contingency fee basis. This means that if we don’t collect any money for you, you will not have to pay any fee at all! In addition, McDivitt Law Firm will advance and pay any expenses necessary to handle your case – even through a jury trial, if necessary. Everybody has the opportunity to hire McDivitt Law Firm to get just compensation for their injuries, regardless if they can afford it.

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